Tom Wright
One of the top hunter trainers in the U.S.

"When using BoneKare®, I see a distinct difference in my horses' soundness. It specifically alleviates swelling in joints and I notice an improvement in length of stride and quality of jump. I believe BoneKare® to be an integral part of my training program."

Vicky Castegren
International sport horse breeder and developer

"I choose to use the purest of products available on the market such as BoneKare®. Our equine athletes deserve the best for preventative care and healing so that they can successfully meet the demands of the sport."

Jay Golding
Well-known Horseman and U.S. Distributor of BoneKare®

"I have worked with horses since I was very young. I've operated a breeding farm and have run a large hunter and jumper barn. On my many trips to Europe to seek the next great horse, I came to know BoneKare®. It was popular with breeders in Europe and I asked to bring it to the U.S. The product is now FDA-approved, patented and I know personally that it has helped my horses."

Jimmy Torano
Grand Prix rider, top trainer of hunters and jumper, Big "R" judge, Jet Show Stables

"I have had a lot of success with BoneKare®. Ever since my horses have been on it, I honestly feel that I have had less joint injections from the vet and the horses have really held for a long time. I have to say that I am very happy with the product."

Sue Tice Grossmann
Gifted horsewoman, works with weanlings through 2-year-olds and conditions them for the breeding division at major horse shows.

"All of my babies start on BoneKare® as soon as they arrive at my farm in Virginia. It is a fabulous product which promotes healthy bone and tissue development. I feel that my horses are healthier because of this product. I know that using this proactively insures a stronger, healthier athlete for the future."
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