Tom Wright
One of the top hunter trainers in the U.S.

"When using BoneKare®, I see a distinct difference in my horses' soundness. It specifically alleviates swelling in joints and I notice an improvement in length of stride and quality of jump. I believe BoneKare® to be an integral part of my training program."

Vicky Castegren
International sport horse breeder and developer

"I choose to use the purest of products available on the market such as BoneKare®. Our equine athletes deserve the best for preventative care and healing so that they can successfully meet the demands of the sport."

Will Coleman
Olympic Eventing Equestrian

"I was first introduced to Bonekare by my vet, Tim Ober, who suggested using it for a horse that we had recovering from a bone bruise. This horse's recovery was somewhat remarkable, and since then, we have used it for a lot of our performance horses. It gives the horse exactly what they need to maintain healthy joints and to reduce inflammation. Great product."

Jimmy Torano
Grand Prix rider, top trainer of hunters and jumper, Big "R" judge

"I have had a lot of success with BoneKare®. Ever since my horses have been on it, I honestly feel that I have had less joint injections from the vet and the horses have really held for a long time. I have to say that I am very happy with the product."

Tim McQuay
Reining icon; has won every major NRHA event and was NRHA leading money earner for 11 years; plays a fundamental role in the Reining breeding industry.

“I have been using Bonekare for the last several years. It has helped my young horses that have had injuries. It has kept my competition horses healthy and at their best.”

Alejandro Karolyi
Karolyi Show Jumping, Inc., Wellington, FL

"I was introduced to Bonekare over a year ago. Since then I have seen an overall improvement to the soundness of my horses. Bonekare® has become a daily supplement in my training to prevent injury and maintain them as healthy and happy."

Sharn Wordley
Represented New Zealand in numerous Nation’s Cups and the 2008 Olympics. He is a Grand Prix competitor and coach in the U.S.; currently ranked within the top 50 on the FEI Longines List

"Bonekare is the product that I use for the extra bit of soundness that my horses need for top competition . As a skeptic, I have been most impressed by the way that it has made my horses feel."

Andrew Bourns
Equestrian based in Wellington, FL - producing horses to the highest level in show jumping

"I used BoneKare on one of my top grand prix horses that suffered an acute bone bruising in her front fetlocks. I saw fantastic results with BoneKare® and a notable improvement in length of stride, scope and recovery during intense competition."

Sue Tice Grossmann
Horse woman

"All of my babies start on BoneKare® as soon as they arrive at my farm in Virginia. It is a fabulous product which promotes healthy bone and tissue development. I feel that my horses are healthier because of this product. I know that using this proactively insures a stronger, healthier athlete for the future."

Sara Bradstock
Trainer, Mark Bradstock Racing, UK

"Coneygree is a freak of nature. Many owners have spent millions trying to find a race horse as good as him and he was home bred from a cheaply bought mare. This massive engine that propels him has put a strain on his bones and he sustained his first stress fracture when he was only five years old. From that moment on he was fed BoneKare and he has won over half a million in prize money. He sustained other injuries, but I am certain that BoneKare® has played a major role in allowing him to be sound enough to fulfill his racing potential in such as massive way on the racetrack."

Jay Golding
Sport Horse breeder, former hunter jumper competitor and the only BoneKare® distributor in the United States

"I have worked with horses since I was very young. I've operated a breeding farm and have run a large hunter and jumper barn. On my many trips to Europe to seek the next great horse, I came to know BoneKare®. It was becoming popular with horse owners and trainers in Europe and I asked to bring it to the U.S. The product is patented and I know personally that it has helped my horses."

Sara Bradstock
Trainer, Mark Bradstock Racing, UK

"Hayley Belle is a massive mare who is related to Coneygree, a champion race horse. I bought her at five after her racing career. While ground schooling her this year, she suffered two significantly displaced fractures in her pelvis. The vets were guarded in their prognosis. However, after four months she was on the walker twice and day and walking and trotting. The experts say she has done far better than they could have hoped, and once more I am sure that BoneKare has contributed greatly to her recovery."
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