Reversal of Lesion Score - 11-Yr-Old Warmblood Gelding - US Veterinarian
Case radiographs before and after supplementration with Quinaquanone®
  • This is an eleven-year-old Warmblood gelding that was admitted to our hospital on 6/25/15 with an acute 3+/5 grade lameness of the right hind limb.
  • Radiographs confirmed an articular medial wing fracture of the right hind coffin bone (image to left).
  • Follow up examination and radiographs were taken on 8/05/15. Lameness was no longer present and there was a remarkable evidence of healing at the fracture site (image to right).
NOTE: Coffin bone fractures are known to heal by fibrous union leaving a wide radiolucent fracture line that is evidence of an incomplete healing. There is a narrowing of the fracture line after 60 days, with continued treatment, complete healing will occur.

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